Progress report on NADH

    NADH, a natural compound that has no known side effects, has been undergoing an FDA approved double-blind crossover clinical trial at Georgetown University Medical Center. The trial, which began in 1996, should be completed within a few months. The Director of Georgetown's International Immunology Center, Dr. Bellanti, said, "...the proposed mechanism of action of NADH is the replenish the depleted cellular stores of ATP, thus improving the fatigue and cognitive dysfunction." Even though the study is double-blinded, it is apparent that many PWCs have shown a "marked improvement over time," he said. Because of that, the trial has been expanded and they have recruited more PWCs.

    NADH is labeled ENADA in a stabilized form put out by The Menuco Corporation. A recent survey, funded by Birkmayer Pharmaceutical, found that it lowered blood pressure in rats. Since many PWCs already have low blood pressure, they should be aware of this potentially adverse affect and check with their physicians before purchasing the over-the-counter supplement. Other companies will soon be licensed to distribute ENADA.

    There are several supplements that are currently labeled NADH, but none , to date, has been through the vigorous testing to ENADA and may not prove to be stable forms of the supplement. In fact, some products that were tested had no traces of NADH at all. At least one had only 8% of the labeled potency.

    Originally developed to treat Parkinson's disease, NADH is a precursor of L-dopa. To find a store that sells this supplement in your area, call1-800-636-8261, but do consult with your physician first!


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