By Gail Kansky

The National CFIDS Foundation has funded a new study in an entirely new
area of research that has never been looked at before.  The results, it is 
will bring researchers to an area that will allow them to look for areas in 
to block the dramatically acute and disabling effects of the disease.  
     While we will continue to monitor the government‚€™s charade in taking this
disease seriously, we cannot, in good conscience, wait until the federal arms 
the health department decide to fund more important research.  Without our
grassroots funding of this important project, it would not get done.  Our 
would like to announce to the world how important this new study is, but we
know that allowing information out too soon will jeopardize the researcher‚€™s
attempts, when finished, to be published.  Without peer-reviewed publication,
the project will not be looked at in the important area it deserves.  We will,
however, keep you informed of the progress as soon we can do so without
hindering progress in this area. 
     A second area of funding is one that we can tell you about.  It involves 
pilot study of a new protocol involving both Gulf War Illness veterans and
ME/CFIDS patients and will test treatments for a group who have tested
positive to the virus found by Dr. W. John Martin.  Most participants have had
no successful treatment.  The study will not only provide clinical data, but
objective laboratory documentation pre and post-treatment that will help the
scientific community that both GWI and ME/CFIDS are both real and
infectious.  The lead investigator is Kathleen Hannan, M.D., a gulf war
researcher involved with both illnesses since their overlap is significant.
          Our fund-raising letters could be sent out several times annually 
for funding to conduct necessary research.  However, this mailing would only
lighten our own funds that we try to earmark for research.  That is why, since
the existence of The National CFIDS Foundation, only one letter asking for 
help has been mailed.  We are grateful for the many patients and friends of
patients, however, who have donated money without being specifically asked.
We‚€™ll get around to asking again in the future, but for now, we just rely on 
patients being aware that we will only fund serious research that will lead 
us to
important answers within a reasonable amount of time.

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