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From Summer 2019 Forum

Three years ago, the federal House Science Committee reported that critical evidence was being withheld that concerned how low dose radiation exposure effected human health. The Department of Energy (DOE) claimed that funding that research would divert too much funding from climate control committees under President Barack Obama. Indeed, to ensure that the program would not continue to receive funding, they not only refused to further fund the Low Dose Radiation Research Program (LDRRP) but also prevented the manager of that program from going to her office. Dr. Noelle Metting was prevented from entering her office from even retrieving her personal possessions but also to retrieve any of the program’s results that had been found.

There are publicly available statements as well as documents where the DOE Office of Science claim that the LDRRP’s efforts were awarded “over a quarter of a billion dollars” from 1998 to 2016. However, they do not state why that money was needed for other programs and was taken away from the LDRRP. Written testimony provided by Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax describes a few of the accomplishments of the LDRRP and they included the following statement:
“Over the past 18 years the program has provided new technological advances and fundamental scientific understanding of the mechanisms cells use to sense, repair and adapt to the impact of low dose radiation. Research investigations have included a number of critical biological phenomena induced by low dose exposure including adaptive responses, bystander effects, genomic instability, and genetic susceptibility. The program has supported the development of system genetic strategies, including the role of epigenetics in integrated gene function and response of biological systems to environmental conditions, with a goal of translating molecular scale effects of low dose radiation to whole model organisms. The program outcomes and data are available to the community and other interested agencies through peer-reviewed scientific publications.”

Than WHY, WHY, WHY, we ask, would the Office of Science decide to eliminate such a productive program? Could it have been the same reason that the medical journal article, authored by a scientist from Chernobyl, explained how low-dose radiation was the cause of CFIDS/ME suddenly disappeared as well as the journal, itself, disappeared? Those scientists not only found CFIDS/ME in the workers of Chernobyl but they found it in their children, as well. And those same scientists are still working today and have found low-dose radiation has caused CFIDS/ME in the grandchildren of the former workers of Chernobyl.

And, yes, I was one of the members of the NCF who, years ago, just to make sure those Chemobyl scientists were factual, had testing to see if I, indeed, had any low-dose radiation in my body. Every person who had this done was positive and, I was told, the alphas of the more severe patients who were homebound and bedridden, were far higher than others. Why does the House Science Committee of the United States Department of Energy withhold such critical information about how low-dose radiation exposure is detrimental to our health? Why does the United States CDC not allow CFIDS/ME to be even mentioned at any medical school in our country? Recently, the CDC did update their website to supply a bit more education. For some strange reason, however, they seem to not know the cause of CFIDS/ME. Do you believe them? I don’t.

Ed. Note: The author of this article is a highly educated member of the NCF who wishes to remain anonymous.


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