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From Summer 2018 Forum

The cover of the April 23, 2018 issue of the magazine entitled The Nation showed a picture of a scan of a person’s brain highlighting a story inside. It said, “SPECIAL INVESTIGATION — HOW BIG WIRELESS MADE US THINK THAT CELL PHONES ARE SAFE”. Underneath that sentence inside the magazine, the authors, Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie wrote, “DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN REVEALED: 5C ROLLOUT TO EXPOSE EVERYONE TO ‘MASSIVELY INCREASING’ RADIATION”.

Cell phones came onto the market in the early l980’s despite the fact that they had no government testing for safety. By the early 199O’s, there were industry workers and customers were coming down with severe and life-threatening problems. When one man complained on television that his wire’s cell phone caused her lethal brain tumor and the story went viral, the president of the Cellular Telecommunications Association (CTIA), days later, announced that his company would pay for research to validate the safety of the cell phone just as they had sooner. One epidemiologist who also had a law degree, George Carlo, who had conducted a few studies that showed breast implants posed trivial danger and that Agent Orange dioxins posed no danger at all was also interested in this work! By the mid-nineties, Carlos had already begun to work for the industry working to show the safety of cell phones. Critics were already complaining of the slow pace and how Carlos was chosen to come out with work to placate the any dangers that the truth may show.

The Wireless Technology Research project felt the best to whitewash their investigation would be Carlos and allowed him to give huge wages to others for work. He eventually had to send letters to each company telling them of the dangers that cell phones produced. While Wheeler went on to join a federal commission and deny all of the conclusive proof that cell phones were dangerous, other scientists in the U.S. replicated the Work showing the danger. Other countries, such as Great Britain, France and Israel reached the same results and warned their population of the danger. The World Health Organization also issued a warning.

The scientific evidence that cell phones and wireless technology can cause genetic damage, which can lead to cancer, but researchers have found funding is no longer available when work that proves this is completed.


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