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From Summer 2017 Forum

Vaccines are not effective in those who have CFIDS/ME. Often, when they are administered, patients have adverse results from the vaccine. Even without adverse reactions, the vaccines do not protect PWC/MEs. The NCF advises all PWC/MEs not to be vaccinated.

Recently, some top scientists from UCLA and the University of Arizona published a study in Science that found people that were born before 1968 are more susceptible to certain viruses and that people born during or after 1968 were found to be more at risk to other strains of the flu. Vaccines, as they are administered today, has been found to be the most dangerous type of chemicals in the history of medicine. People inoculated with a flu shot can spread the flu for up to two weeks following their inoculation. Indeed, as the number of Americans that are vaccinated with flu shots rises, the statistics of injury also rises. Deaths from influenza shots are found to far surpass death from the flu. The flu vaccine has never been subjected to clinical trials that are scientifically conducted.

Another recent study on vaccines was published in The International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination by an Italian research group led by Dr. Antoinetta Gatti. Thirty different vaccines were tested and all were found to be contaminated with metals and debris. The study explains how these impurities may subject a person to seizures, headaches, fatigue and even sudden infant death syndrome. Pollutants that are metal based are not biodegradable and are able to manifest as different chronic illnesses.

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