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by Edward Mclnnis

From Spring 2016 Forum

The bane of the pain
falls mainly on the brain.
Though the body feels it,
the mind really seals it
with cheerless anguish
while muscles languish.
The brain has its share
of jeering despair
which is no longer rare
but now is well-done.
Painís the hired gun.
Painís the marauder
who renders the brain
Ďout of order.í
Painís the boarder
who pays no rent.
Painís the malcontent
that has been sent
to render me incompetent.
And though my mind
has been boggled and blown,
and though my thoughts
are seldom my own,
and though Iím bogged
with cognitive fog,
Iíll keep on writing,
líll keep on fighting
the really insane
and quite inhumane
strain on the brain
known as chronic pain.

The same day we received this from Ed, there was an onlinepost by Dr. Rob Hicks on WebMD Commentary that included, ďOther conditions linked to long-tenn aching all over include chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), where fatigue and aches are not relieved by taking rest.Ē

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