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by NCF Medical Committee (Copyright 2016)

From Spring 2016 Forum

Several years ago, the United Nations provided the world with the following basic global message, “If we fail our environment, we fail to protect our human rights.”

In 2010, the National CFIDS Foundation (NCF) issued a formal press release linking low-level radiation exposure to the development of CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome)/ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), thus establishing a connection between environmental pollution and disease development. Prior to this time period and half-way around the globe, medical scientists had made this very same observation for those who were employed as Chernobyl liquidators who subsequently went on to develop CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). This raised the red flag!

Amnesty International suggests that, “Everyone, everywhere has the right to live with dignity. No one should be denied their rights to adequate housing, food, water and sanitation, and to education and health care.”

What this truly means to us, here at the NCF, is that we all have a basic human right to live free from environmental pollutants, whether they are in the air, the water or the food supply. The very sources of which should not be the primary focus occupying our initial concern but we are all called to make profound efforts to help and assist those very people who are not only ensnared in this medical conundrum but who are desperately ill and in need of true healthcare. The time has now come for the global CFIDS/ME patient community to wage the war to demand human dignity.

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