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From Fall 2016 Forum

Recently, these could be seen on Diana’s Facebook page:

Diana Saba Excerpt:   “While denial and silence have invaded so many studies in the area of CFIDS/ME, it merely serves to make us even more determined. As one can see from the first article in this issue, we refuse to stop until we have the answers that will help every patient that, like us, suffers daily from CFIDS/ME. To do that, we cannot and will not ignore the immune dysfunction that is, indeed, the real hallmark of this disease nor will we pretend to be ignorant of the real cause of our immune dysfunction which is why we have funded one of the world’s leading radiation experts. Yes, it has already been proven but we will have it proven once again and work toward a therapy that can be shown to block the actual “hallmark” which is causing our particular immunological dysfunction.” messages/2015summer.htm

Courtesy of the National CFIDS Foundation

The Living honor the dead, only a breath divides them.”
— Paul de Monchaux

Saw a bracelet once and thought
of so many. The inscription read…
“What cancer can’t do… it cannot invade the soul, suppress memories, kill friendships, destroy peace. conquer the spirit, shatter hope, cripple love, corrode faith, steal eternal life, silence courage."

In memory of those remembered

Soft hugs & prayers, Diana Saba
Disabled Retired Nurse
Cherokee, Irish American
Proud member of NCF
M,E. Deserves Quality Research

“What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Raymond F. Colliton, 68, died January 29th, 2016, from an ongoing exacerbation of viruses encouraged by CFIDS/ME. Ray was recognized as a patient who began an online announcement project, Co-Cure, that welcomed both scientific and political advocacy where patients and researchers were kept informed for decades until he was no longer able to continue. Before CFIDS/ME struck, Ray had developed his own consulting firm for small businesses. He began suffering from CFIDS/ME in l988. He was hospitalized in late 2015 for bronchitis but only got worse until he was put into the hospice section of the hospital where he died. Ray left his wife, Bernice Melsky, their daughter, Carrie, a brother and two sisters and many other family members along with countless patients who benefited from his work.

CFIDS/ME Patient Memorial List
The National CFIDS Foundation is compiling this list of people with CFIDS/ME that have died. In doing so, we hope to make people (especially those in the medical community, media and government) more fully aware of the seriousness of CFIDS/ME.

Ask the National CFIDS Foundation and it’s members who was it that was responsible, our National CFIDS Foundation, members were censored for telling the truth. Was it those higher than Raymond F. Colliton or Raymond F. Colliton. himself, or both?

This is important: In the early years of this century. the NCF funded the expert consultant to every federal agency, Yoshitsugi Hokama, Ph.D., who proved with fully replicated science, that the cause of our illness was a toxin that was not from nature. That, alone, would eliminate every virus known to mankind. He didn’t test 40 patients but actually tested thousands from all over the World. Indeed, CFIDS was exactly the same as ME. It was right after that replicated finding was published the CDC eliminated ME from this country’s diagnostic code.

RIP Raymond F. Colliton of Co-Cure who became famous for censoring the voices of patients. The last digest from Co-Cure has only Tom Kindlon from Ireland posting messages.

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