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By Alan Cocchetto, NCF Medical Director © 2015

From Spring 2015 Forum

The “Just Ask!” column is intended to act as a means for patients to inquire about issues related to the NCF’s research activities. This column is NOT intended to act as medical advice in any way, shape or form! The National CFIDS Foundation assumes no responsibilities for any action or treatment undertaken by readers. For medical advice, please consult your own personal healthcare providers

Because of the frequent questions I receive regarding various NCF grants, both current and past, I have elected to use this column to briefly summarize some of the research accomplished by these scientific grants that total $ 2.5 million dollars to date:

Dr. Konstance Knox and Dr. Donald Carrigan (Medical College of Wisconsin):

  • Herpes viruses - Various studies including HHV-6A/B
  • HTLV-2 / Dr. Elaine DeFreitasprimers
  • Parainfluenza viruses - PIV5 studies
  • STAT1 protein deficiency studies

Dr. Robert Suhadolnik (Temple University):

  • STAT1 protein deficiency studies

Dr. Kathleen Hannan:

  • Hypercoagulation in Gulf War Syndrome (GWS)

Hemex Laboratories:

  • Coagulation studies in CFIDS/ME

Dr. Curt Horvathand Dr. Robert Lamb (Northwestern University):

  • Parainfluenza viruses — PIV5
  • STAT1 studies

Dr. Yoshitsugi Hokama (University of Hawaii):

  • Ciguatoxin studies
  • Cyanobacterial toxin studies
  • Chronic phase lipid studies
  • Cardiolipin studies
  • Sodium channel studies
  • Cell membrane studies
  • Amyloid studies
  • Radiation studies

Dr. Tsvee Lapidot (Weizmann Institute of Science):

  • Leukemia / lymphoma studies

Dr. Hany El-Shemy (Cairo University):

  • Leukemia / lymphoma studies

Dr. Vitaly Citovsky (SUNY Stony Brook):

  • Cyanobacteria / agrobacterium studies

Dr. Grieg Steward (University of Hawaii):

  • Vibrio studies

Dr. Ciaran Morrison (NUI Galway):

  • Chromosome biology studies

Dr. Henry Heng (Wayne State University):

  • Chromosome damage studies

Dr. Carmel Mothersilland Dr. Colin Seymour (McMaster University):

  • Radiation studies

Dr. Nikki Verrills (University of Newcastle):

  • Leukemia / lymphoma studies

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