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By Diana Saba

From Winter 2013-2014 Forum

Recently, I learned about Hemp Oil CBD RSHO via a Facebook page named MarijuanaDoctors411 and contacted them to inquire about this treatment. I've been doing blood work every three months since 2010 after doctors found a mass in my neck located between my jugular and carotid artery along with multiple nodules on my thyroid which is growing downwards. My primary and oncology doctor's are watching me closely due to findings which indicated early stage polycythemia. Recently we found a polyp on my vocal cord and a cyst under my epiglottis. I've done a swallowing tests and I’m going for another ultrasound of my neck as I may be facing surgical removal of the polyp and cyst along with, possibly, my thyroid. Not looking forward to surgery but feel safer going to surgery now that NCF's funded researchers found most do o.k. with anesthesia bypassing the sodium channel and I will be taking NCF's suggestions for the Anesthesia Protocol with me so I can go over it with my anesthesiologist and have it placed in my medical records prior to surgery.

After starting my Hemp Oil CBD RSHO treatment, my CD panels came back within normal limits. I'm due for more lab work at the end of November and I'm hoping, once again. the CD panels will come back within normal limits. I will follow up and let you know more in the spring and summer issues of The National Forum.

If you've been keeping up with the news on Cannabis, it's been reported that 58% in U.S. approve of legalizing it and several states are in the process of changing and passing laws for medicinal use as well as legalization in some states. More news is coming out daily about cancer cells, epileptic seizures and autism and Hemp Oil CBD RSHO treatments and it's all good news!

I promised to follow up with my sales person mentioned below to let him know how my CD panels were doing and I also told him I would be contacting the 99% patient population of the NCF via our winter edition to let them know there is hope for all of us. If you decide to try the Hemp Oil CBD RSHO treatment, please mention my name and that you are a NCF patient and member to:

Damien Giacalone
Sales Consultant
866-273-8502 ext. 108 or 858-430-8421(direct)

If you'd like to read more about it and use face book then you'll find them as MarijuanaDoctors411 and or go to to read more. They are located in San Diego, California. Damien Giacalone is very much aware of our illness and is a very caring and compassionate person who even does follow up phone calls and emails. I'm impressed and you all know it takes a lot for me to be impressed!
Take care, everyone.

[Ed. Note] Diana Saba, a disabled, retired nurse, is the Founder and Editor of Women and Children of CFIDS + Men + M.E. To receive her online notices, email Diana at The latest discovery about the chemicals in marijuana being helpful was published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology citing research done at Tel Aviv University in Israel. The study found how compounds isolated from marijuana, THC and CBO, were found helpful to multiple sclerosis patients by protecting the nervous system. Many earlier reports were favorable including one from Molecular Pathology (2006) reporting “Cannabiniod-Induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells: A Novel Role of Cannabindoil in the Regulation…” done by researchers at the South Carolina School of Medicine. There have been studies published in medical journals that found marijuana cured blood cancer, brain cancer, lung and breast and liver cancer as well as pancreatic cancer. Some researchers, like those at HempMedsPX, found that eliminating the mind-altering effects of THC still makes marijuana effective. The lead researcher from the first article mentioned above said, “When used wisely, cannabis has huge potential.”

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