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By Mike Reynolds

From Spring 2014 Forum

The National Cancer Institute, part of our National Institute of Health, published a paper in 2012 that linked “chronic fatigue syndrome “with the subsequent risk of cancer”. They concluded that “chronic fatigue activation or an infection associated with CFS may play a role in explaining the increased risk of NHL” (non-Hodgkin lymphoma). So, the “fatigue” is actually cancer related.

Wait, back up. How about Konstantin N. Loganovsky, MD, PhD? He’s a leading scientist from the Neurology Department of the Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine in the Ukraine as well as the collocating center for the World Health Organization, remember? And, yes, he linked “CFS” to a “radioecological disaster” fourteen years ago (JCFS: 2000). But wouldn’t that mean that this illness is caused by radiation? Are we, in the U.S., not supposed to believe one of the leading scientists from the Chernobyl disaster? How about one that worked at our Pentagon, Asaf Durakovic, PhD? “CFS” is mentioned in a published medical journal article from 2001 titled “Undiagnosed Illnesses and Radioactive Warfare”.

But this is 2014. And, just a few short months ago, the American Association for the Advancement of Science held their 76th annual meeting. This group works to challenge and improve the field and one speaker, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, gave their keynote address on how cancer is linked to nuclear power. This researcher, Dr. Ernest J. Stemglass, linked the large increase in cancer rates and infant mortality rates to nuclear power. He used Texas as just one example of how the cancer rates for children was so low in 1945 despite the chemical pollution there from oil and gas and how the rates have skyrocketed since radiation. Remember Three Mile Island and the partial meltdown of that Pennsylvania nuclear plant? He said our government denied any related deaths yet there was a huge spike in the death rates there! And, of course, he mentioned how California has actually closed down a lot of nuclear plants while Texas increased them and he found the death rates correlated with each state’s action. In fact, he found that 19 million adults have died prematurely from radiation along with another million children as a result of radiation in the air!

And, now, there’s the horrific triple meltdown of the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear plant that took place three years ago. There were three huge hydrogen explosions that sent radiation into the atmosphere in addition to the reactor’s meltdown. The Japanese government told the U.S. what happened quickly yet it was three months before they told their own people and, today, they are still far, far from having Fukushima under control. Airborne plutonium was carried by the jet stream to the U.S. as far as Seattle as well as to central Europe (Lithuania). The contaminated waste water has been leaking into the ocean for years which means it will not only harm the algae but the crustaceans and the fish that are consumed by humans.

Elevated radiation contamination is being found throughout the U.S. as far away as Boston while Greece detected it in grass and soil as well as in animal milk and meat. Despite this, Japanese imports continue to be sent to Australia, Europe and the United States with no independent radiation testing or just spot testing. We have globalized food supplies and all the large companies in the world participate in this with ingredients for your cereal, soda or even snacks. The United Nations is even buying fish from Japan for school children in developing countries!

As radiation moves up the food chain, it contaminates the land and water for thousands of years. It can be ingested or inhaled and, as Australia’s Dr. Helen Caldicott reminds us, there is no safe level. The alpha and beta particles cannot be detected with a Geiger counter and becomes more potent as they move up the food chain. Indeed, women and children are far more vulnerable which explains why CFIDS/ME affects more woman than men. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive and fetuses are thousands of times more sensitive. CFIDS/ME, as the CDC admits, “runs in families.”

The first responders to Fukushima came within a day when a U.S. Navy ship found itself close to the emergency. The Tokyo Electric Power Company never informed them that large quantities of radiation were pouring into the water and the air. In the middle of a snowstorm, the Navy crew felt a rush of warm, metallic tasting air while delivering humanitarian aide. More and more have now found their health affected and there is a class action lawsuit that was refiled in February to accommodate so many veterans that are now coming forward with ill health who were on the SS Reagan. By the time it left Japan, several ports refused to have that highly radioactive ship dock. Currently, it is docked in California but the first suit filed was dismissed by a federal judge. Tons of radioactive water continue flowing into the Pacific ocean today.

Is that why our government tried to trivialize this disease by renaming it “chronic fatigue syndrome”? Is that why the newest CDC definition (“Reeves Definition”), that did not fit anyone with CFIDS/ME, was rejected by the rest of the world? Is that why the CDC has handed it back to the NIH to see them award the IOM a lot of money to redefine this illness? Is that why our country and all developed countries around the world have never commented on the cause announced by the NCF with backup medical papers put up on our website on radiation? Many of those medical papers name this devastating disease caused by ionizing radiation.

There’s a new textbook that has been published for physicians called Clinical Medicine. One of the leading psychobabblers that the CDC has used as an advisor for “CFS”, Professor Peter D. White, from the UK, wrote a chapter in the book that tells physicians that “prognosis is poor” as many patients regard the illness as “entirely physical” but “about 60% improve with active rehabilitation treatments, such as graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.” Another CDC “CFS” advisor is Anthony Komaroff, M.D., who is another who will never mention that CFIDS/ME is a very slow progression toward cancer, that it has been proven to be an autoimmune disease or even how no mood disorder can be held responsible for chromosomal damage. Komaroff, of course, was on the original CDC committee that changed the name to “CFS”. Did PANDORA or the CFIDS Association of America let the IOM know at their meeting this past January that this illness has already been proven to be an autoimmune disease? Did they tell the IOM committee members that the cause has already been discovered but ignored for years? While our government tries to hide this illness, as do many developed countries, those suffering from CFIDS/ME will continue to suffer for many generations to come.

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