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By Bob Huntington

From Fall 2014 Forum

During the Cold War and for a few years before that, thousands of United States citizens became innocent victims of well over 4,000 classified radiation experiments that were conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) ad well as the Department of Defense (DOD), the DHHS, the CIA, the Veterans Administration (VA) and other agencies. Millions of citizens were exposed to radiation fallout as the U.S. continued to test nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of “atomic veterans” were exposed as well as those downwind along with an environment of contaminated soil for food and animals and, of course, the animals themselves.

One woman published a photo-essay about this testing in 1993 entitled American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War. Carole Gallagher read declassified AEC documents of how physicians were aware of the dangers but ignored them as the government said that information should be ignored, particularly if it could give one cancer, and should be labeled as “neurotic” or given the diagnosis of “housewife syndrome”.

More top secret documents were released when President Clinton was acting president that revealed the inhumane studies conducted in our country and how Americans were secretly injected with plutonium, which is a key ingredient of an atomic bomb. Indeed, a large segment of our cohort found plutonium present when they were tested for radiation by the same laboratory that our federal government uses for radiation testing.

These same unclassified documents found retarded and institutionalized children were purposefully fed radioactive food in their cereal, newborns were injected, over 100 prisoners had their testicles exposed to radiation as well as psychiatric patients from San Francisco. Massive doses were given to cancer patients in hospitals in Cincinnati, Houston, New York City and Bethesda and experiments that were clandestine were conducted at colleges like the University of Chicago, the University of Rochester, Vanderbilt University and Massachusetts General Hospital that were kept secret as a matter of “national security”.

A class action lawsuit commenced when miners of uranium were exposed in the 1940s to 1960s and defense lawyers tried to defend this country by pretending little was known about the risks. When the trial finally began, in 1983, in Arizona, it was dismissed because the government was “immune”. Weren’t these all violations of the physician’s Hippocratic Oath? Wasn’t it even a violation of the Nuremburg Code of justice that was brought about responding to the Nazi war crimes following World War II? During the Nuremberg trials, the American Medical Association came up with standards that required ethical treatments to include a voluntary consent yet few, if any, ever gave consent or had volunteered to be radiated.

When President Clinton convened a committee in 1994 that exposed a lot of the horrendous truth, the committee found the DHHS, which was the government’s sponsor of these atrocities, had discarded the records years before! The Department of Energy and other agencies also claimed former destruction of records or claimed that they were classified by the CIA. The AEC was said to deliberately destroy evidence and many of the secrets remain secret to this day while a few are documented such as biowarfare testing in Florida, Hawaii and California. A review printed in one book about the deception of our government’s testing, printed in the Los Angeles Times in 2000, was written by Thomas Powers, who asked, “If the government lied about the danger of nuclear testing, can we trust them to tell us the truth about acid rain, global warming or the safety of deep storage for nuclear waste?” And, I would add to that list CFIDS/ME. Is it any wonder that the CFIDS Association of America eliminated the last vestige of the immune dysfunction (ID) of CFS they used and changed the name of their organization? Is it a secret that there are some truths that are still being found out about the Manhattan Project that injected newborns so many decades ago? How many other charities for CFIDS and ME around the world will even mention what has gone on in their own countries let alone admitting the truth about the cause of this illness?

Finally, in 1998, a law was passed that restricted the DOD from hiding so much but there were so many loopholes in that law that it was repealed in 1998. Today, there are still “exceptions” that allow the DOD to continue human testing with chemical and biological agents. It may be 2014, but you don’t see our government admitting much about the science already proven about CFIDS/ME and I doubt that you will anytime soon.

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