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By Robert Huntington

From Winter 2012-2013 Forum

A half century ago, a book was published called “Silent Spring”. Rachel Carson warned us that we were polluting the earth with pesticides and how this “chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life.” Her reporting led to a ban of some chemicals such as DDT, helped aquatic life and gave us back the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon but we never really came close to stopping the practice of poisoning ourselves and the rest of God’s creatures. New poisons were manufactured such as the genetically modified weed killer, Roundup, that a recent French and Italian study demonstrated gave rats large tumors. Rachel told us that “Man is part of nature and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself” but people didn’t listen. Another example is how the Biodiversity Research Institute in the state of Maine found extensive chemical contamination in all the eggs of birds that they examined.

Along these same lines, the National CFIDS Foundation had the utter courage to publish that internalized radionuclides was the cause of CFIDS/ME! So I delved a bit further into this arena and found, indeed, the same warning that Rachel Carson tried to warn the world of was done for ionizing radiation and ignored the same way. In fact, it was over 50 years ago, on July 9th of 1955, that scientist Bertrand Russell read a paper to the world’s press in London that became known as The Russell- Einstein Manifesto. He explained to the news people gathered there that this appeal was the very last thing that Albert Einstein had done in his life before he died. He wasn’t the only signer of the plea. It included many other well known names such as Dr. Linus Pauling who had won a Nobel Prize in chemistry. In fact, the last Forum quoted Pauling: “There is no safe level of radiation. Even small amounts do harm.”

Who would have thought about the harmfulness of radiation? Well the biological effects of radiation commenced in the 1800’s when X-rays were first discovered but the NCF’s Medical Committee wasn’t talking about that form of radiation. They were very specific and they even offered a paper by Asaf Durakovic who began his paper by recalling what Dr. Einstein had said years before. This editorial, from a medical journal, told about many undiagnosed illnesses that resulted from radioactive warfare. Even after a partial test ban, there continues to be tests and nuclear accidents that have produced many illnesses that the author calls “environmental catastrophes” and describes symptoms that sound all too familiar such as “physical weakness, headache, muscular and skeletal pains, respiratory changes, fever, persistent dry cough, chest pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, neurological symptoms” and more.

I began a hunt of my own on the internet and came up with so much more that the NCF’s medical committee is probably well aware of such as a chapter in an online textbook for the Case Western Reserve University in 2005 that was by David E. Bell! An older treatise by a Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California in Berkeley who was formally an associate director of the Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. John Goffman states, “It is factually wrong to believe or to claim that no harm has ever been proven from very low-dose radiation.” With day after day of sleuthing on the internet, I found that simple inhalation or even good tasting food could have been the demonic culprit that caused what the World Health Organization’s ICD-10 calls a neurological disease known as “C.F.S.” or “M.E.”! A bit more digging and I found so many names for radiation sickness, such as Bura Bura disease, but none of them are considered a syndrome.

Intrigued, I went a bit further and looked at a map of where an outbreak occurred in Lyndonville, New York. Whoa… directly across Lake Ontario was the oldest uranium processing plant in Ontario, Canada located in Port Hope. I remembered reading about a theory that Dr. David Bell had about the children in Lyndonville who all had consumed raw milk. Was that their exposure or was it inhaled as it drifted across the expanse of the lake? It seems obvious that a national health emergency exists in our country between power reactors, bomb tests, waste storage, weapon production, past secretive testing, etc. and that they all have produced enormous amounts of lethal radiation. Does our government downplay this purposefully in the name of national security?

I remember when the National Forum had an article in late 2010 about the radiation contamination found in almost all the tap water along the gulf coast that was investigated and reported upon by Mark Greenblatt. Well, I don’t live along the gulf coast so is my drinking water safe? Annually, a report is sent out around my state by the individual water companies giving their annual water quality report. Each one of them, no matter where you live, says similar things about their “safe” and “clean” water yet every one of them, in small print, warns that the tap water is not safe for “people with weakened immune systems” or “immuno-comprimised persons.” A few places in my state even mention things like “radon” but they advise you to have your own water tested since “most of the water supplied” contains little or none. How would they know? Is this there just to protect them? If one house is not safe, don’t they use the same pipes as we all do?

So I asked myself, “Self, the NCF proposed a model of CFIDS/ME a couple of years ago. Is it possible that they know nothing beyond what I read in the fall edition?” My “self” responded, “Nah. You know better than that.” As over 99% of them are patients themselves and every one of them is a volunteer, wouldn’t that be why they funded the research that is presently being done? Wouldn’t they be as interested in a treatment as I am, selfishly, myself? Don’t you think they’re already talking to other researchers to try and further this whole thing?” Sure. So I’m sending in a contribution to help out my own selfish self. I hope you join me.

‘Nuff said.

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