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August 30, 2013

From Fall 2013 Forum

The National CFIDS Foundation, of Needham MA, is pleased to announce the funding of a new research project that will further contribute to the understanding of CFIDS pathology.

Dr. Ciaran Morrison, Professor of Biochemistry with the Centre for Chromosome Biology at NUI Galway, is the grant recipient of an award for $152,387 from the National CFIDS Foundation. Dr. Morrison's research focuses mainly on cellular DNA damage response and chromosome abnormalities.

According to Alan Cocchetto, Medical Director, "Dr. Morrison's research is aimed at increasing our fundamental understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underly chromosome damage associated with CFIDS. This research will complement and extend the SKY analysis testing and analysis that is nearing completion by Dr. Henry Heng at Wayne State University."

Gail Kansky, President, stated "Dr. Heng has provided us with valuable insight into the DNA damage that was found to be present in our patient cohort. Now, we will scientifically push to better understand the resulting chromosomal damage and the basis for it via this grant to Dr. Morrison. No other organization, be it public or private, has ever looked at either quantifying or identifying the true nature of the chromosomal abnormalities associated with this disease. We feel that this will add an important piece to the CFIDS puzzle."

The National CFIDS Foundation is one of the largest CFIDS organizations in the U.S. The Foundation has no paid employees and all donations go to support CFIDS research. To date, the National CFIDS Foundation has awarded $1.75 million dollars to scientists from around the globe to advance medical knowledge of the disease. For additional information, please contact the National CFIDS Foundation at 781-449-3535.

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