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By Terri Cunningham

From Winter 2011-2012 Forum

If you're a PWC/ME, you probably don't think too highly of our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Did you remember that Senator Tom Coburn, a doctor from Oklahoma, issued a report on them in 2007? The report, mentioned in this newsletter, was called "CDC Off-Center" and carefully documents a horrific amount of money spent on non-diseases. In fact, they can't really explain how they "prevent" any disease since they have yet to do that and they certainly don't "control" any disease unless you call misinformation a way of control. The year after the report, the CDC wanted an additional $10 billion to add to their budget. How do they spend their money? Well, they do have a new $109 million headquarters filled with the most expensive furniture imaginable and you don't want to overlook their new $106 million visitor and communication center where there are saunas, zero gravity chairs, light shows, a state of the art television center and even waterfalls!

Let's be truthful. They've spent so much money to downgrade CFS into non-existence from the late 1980's when they renamed it with that degrading name to the present as they've made "CFS" into a somatoform (all-in-your-head) illness. But they spend millions to eliminate syphilis. That money saw the syphilis rates zoom up by 68%! Oops! And don't forget the billions they spent on AIDS prevention while the rate of that disease didn't change one tiny iota. They recently had one employee charged with child molestation and the Department of Justice also indicted another scientist who downplayed the links to autism and chemicals used in vaccines after a Freedom of Information Act let out the truth. Well, "downplayed" isn't close enough. The Alliance for Natural Health calls it "a deliberate cover-up of damning scientific data". In other words, they lied and changed data. And let's not forget the CDC's Dr. Thorsen who was indicted for money laundering, tax evasion and fraud earlier this year. He supported key studies that supported the CDC claims that linked autism with thimerosal and has been exposed as a total fraud. And let's not forget the August admission that the H1N1 influenza vaccine was increasing the risk of narcolepsy in Swedish children. And pregnant women found that a fast-tracked CDC vaccine had led to an abnormally high rate of miscarriage along with stillbirths. Let's not leave out their stance on recommending water fluoridation we read about in the fall Forum. But the CDC insists their new facilities and lavish equipment have "led to scientific advances". I want just one named… especially for what they insist on calling chronic fatigue syndrome.

Terri lives in Florida. She was diagnosed with M.E. in 1982.

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