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By Dan McBride

From Fall 2012 Forum

My name has been listed as an "Essential Volunteer" for a few years in the newsletter you're reading right now called The National Forum. Like most of us, I'm a patient. Recently, I offered to get some copies printed up of a new article the National CFIDS Foundation was planning to offer to their members. While I was waiting at the copy center for the article to be printed, I sat down and began to read it myself. I was blown away! What deception my country has continued to practice to hide the truth of CFIDS/ME and, as it turns out, many other illnesses!

The medical journal article was by Asaf Durokovic and, after reading it, I knew that the NCF's medical committee was all too right when, two years ago, they offered their own model of what caused this illness! And the CDC has known what this illness was from the first day that they insisted to an appointed committee that it be renamed "chronic fatigue syndrome". It was a carefully orchestrated way to delegitimize a horrible illness that has saturated our lives with suffering. I was a member of the CFIDS Association of America (CAA) for years before the NCF even existed. I quit when they undertook a major effort to "brand" that name of CFS. The deception continues to this day with the federal advisory board that never does a thing or makes any progress (thank you, NCF, for turning down the invitation from the DHHS to be part of the CFSAC) and even with a huge announcement of a letter from President Obama telling a woman he met in Reno, Nevada who had asked about the federal level of funding from the NIH that he would be asking that agency to "find a cure for CFS". Well, if you follow the money trail, this country has made a concerted and highly successful effort to bury this and no amount of federal funding is going to make a difference! And, as a veteran, I am doubly ashamed of this fact.

Back to the article… It begins with telling about "the reality of thermonuclear strategic war… summarized by Albert Einstein's statement that it's energy is sufficient to split the earth" (BioScience, 1947) and how billions would succumb to the injuries that it would produce with "irreversible consequences for the biosphere." This is a paper of fact yet the worldwide CFIDS/ME patient community has ignored all the NCF has had funded and proven! Is it possible that they'll continue to ignore this information? I think, unfortunately, the answer to that is a resounding "yes". They'll probably label our medical committee as a bunch of radiophobics and never acknowledge the science that is being funded at a steady gait to prove it all! But there are others that have known very well what this is and they've been silent just like our own government. One, I was told, is going to be named in this issue but there are so many others. The author of this article being offered is another who was fired just two months after he brought proof to our government that Gulf War Syndrome was really radiation injury. Another was one many may remember was a pathologist from Oklahoma who, on the NIH's dime, published about abnormalities he found doing autopsies on animals but only told a select few that all pets of PWC/MEs he autopsied had radiation. Suddenly, his NIH funding vanished!

Several eminent world scholars, including Albert Einstein, formed a group to try to get the world to ban all nuclear activity. They were supported by well known figures such as Linus Pauling. By the 1960's, there was a partial treaty to ban them but "the proliferation of nuclear weapons implicates over 90% of the surface of the earth." Is it any wonder that Dr. Hokama proved that CFIDS and ME were identical by examining the blood? In 2012, with the worldwide threat of terrorist attacks, is it any wonder that plutonium has been sold illegally, especially in Russia, and found it's way around the world? "Plutonium dispersal has been viewed as the most devastating of the possible terrorist attack scenarios". And how our government and, yes, so many other countries lie about the low level effects! There are so many examples given in just this one medical journal article such as what happened to the Medical Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. John Gofman, who found a report of children's deaths from radiation had statistics that were much too low. A congressman openly threatened Dr. Gofman and he lost his job at the laboratory. A few years later, the Atomic Energy Commission was disbanded.

This report, carefully referenced, will tell you of casualies of the atomic bombing in Japan and how prevalent the psychiatric disorders became. It tells how depleted uranium targets the bones, kidneys and reproductive system and how it will remain a threat to places like Iraq for millions of years and how merely just breathing it in can injure one for life. And, yes, it mentions "chronic fatigue immune disorder" and all the other progressive diseases that have different names such as "neuropsychiatric", "post-traumatic stress disorder", “lymphadenopathies”, and “musculoskeletal” and how “there is a conspicuous absence of meaningful, comprehensive research effort that would corrrelate these syndromes.” This dwarfs the "AIDS epidemic".

To think, the DHHS has convinced many that a few telephone talks available for PWC/MEs to listen in about "CFS" will pacify the suffering CFIDS/ME community! They’ve convinced so many that just having a federal advisory committee will help and that testimony given will spur results or, for that matter, other workshops that they brag about to keep the suffering patient community happy. The CDC, meanwhile, continues to fund nonsense such as "childhood trauma" and evade what they already know is problematic and the NIH will, even if the funding is increased, continue to approve research that will never go anywhere near exposing the truth. Our lives have been ruined from chronic poisoning! And the brightest minds of this world know this fact all too well although there are a few that won't admit what they know and have hurt us even more with their silence. I have but one thing, as a patient now aware of what has and continues to go on, to be thankful for --- the National CFIDS Foundation! Despite being harrassed and ignored and even ridiculed by some, the NCF has refused to pay any attention to fallacies and continues to print the truth in their newsletter and to fund research that, thus far, has proven this more and more and more. Personally, I can't wait to read the results of the researchers they're presently funding and see if their next funding finally shuts down all the nonsense presented by our own and several other countries around the world. Even then, how many will know the truth has been proven? How many knew Dr. Einstein foretold of this so many decades ago?

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