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From Winter 2009-2010 Forum

Blue-Green Algal Toxins: On the source of Alzheimer's, ALS-PDC, and Cancers in Oklahoma

Prepared by Dana T. Cesar, Ph.D

Submitted by the National CFIDS Foundation and the Nancy Taylor Foundation for Chronic Diseases.

Because of the evolutionary function of blue-green algae (BGA) to biodegrade matter, effluents into Oklahoma's water system encourage algal blooms that produce toxins that target the nervous system, the brain and the liver. Toxins are lethal or debilitating, even in small amounts. Vulnerable populations, like children, the elderly, or those with lowered immune systems are particularly susceptible to diseases caused by algal toxins.

Because the United States has not yet set any guidelines for "any of the cyanotoxins," state and local authorities are left to determine their own standards, as per the Clean Water Act of 1972. Furthermore, the Safe Drinking Water Act amendment of 1996 requires states to protect "drinking water and its sources: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, springs, and ground water wells."

In light of the evolutionary endurance of the bacteria, a current outbreak of harmful algal blooms,and an impending water shortage, this Green Paper calls on authorities to generate focused and coordinated discussion for immediate state action in mobilizing resources at "war-time speed" for the protection of the public against cyanobacterial toxin exposure.

[Ed Note: This is a very abbreviated synopsis of the paper. The full paper is on our website ( For those members without a computer, a full copy may be requested with a self-addressed, envelope with two stamps. It is already being used to reach agencies and other political people to alert them and to ask for answers.]

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