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From Spring 2010 Forum

Just before the close of 2009. the National CFIDS Foundation, Inc. (NCF) announced it's latest research grant recipient to bring the grand total of it's funded research projects to $451,160 for the year. The latest recipient for a research grant was Vitaly Citovsky. Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at SUNY Stony Brook whose grant of $105,000 is titled "Potential synergism between cyanobacteria and Agrobacterium in its molecular basis".

This latest work will complement the work already underway at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii on CFIDS/ME and ciguatera to see how cynobacterias can relate to CFIDS/ME. "The research is aimed at determining if there is a synergistic relationship between two very unique bacteria," according to the medical director of the NCF. The research team in Hawaii is being led by Harry Davis, Ph.D.

The 2009 grants are all efforts to build upon previous research in order to connect the scientific dots relating to CFIDS/ME. Because the Foundation has no paid employees, representing what a true charity should be, the donations go completely toward funding research to expose the true cause of CFIDS/ME and, hopefully, a therapy. A portion of everyone's membership dues is used to fund research.

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